Marriage License Requirements

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Lancaster County is issuing marriage licenses by appointment only. Check with your own local county clerk if you are outside Lincoln. During times when gatherings of certain sizes are banned, we are still available for small ceremonies. We will work with you on rescheduled ceremonies contingent upon our availability. Call or email with any questions or concerns. 

In order for a marriage to be legally registered, you must have a marriage license. 

If you are getting married in Nebraska you can obtain a marriage license in any county in the state - you are not required to obtain your license in the same county in which you will be married. The license is valid for one year. 

Most jurisdictions will provide, in addition to the actual marriage license, a "keepsake" certificate which looks pretty, but has no legal value. The actual marriage license which must be signed by the officiant and (in most states) two witnesses. Some counties will give you two copies, both of which will need to be signed. After the wedding we will send the license to the county courthouse for you. 

Below are links to several County Courthouses, as well as information for neighboring states:

Lancaster County (Lincoln)

Douglas County (Omaha)

We have also performed weddings in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. 

We support marriage equality and have officiated at same-sex weddings in Iowa. The Supreme Court has struck down bans on same-sex marriage so these unions will now be legally recognized in all states.