Quotes Great experience. Very well organized and received tons of compliments on our unique and thoughtful ceremony. Tom had all of the answers about options and tradition. We had input on each piece but were presented with many options to choose from. Quotes
Megan Witherspoon

Quotes Our officiant was Rev. Tom He did a great job at offering his services at a decent price that included our consultation. We are not a religious couple, so it was important for us to find someone that wouldn't make us do the counseling and try to push their religious views onto us. Rev. Tom did a great job at providing us with multiple examples of poems and script for our ceremony so that we could make it our own, instead of him creating it for us. We were involved with all of the decision making and were able to write our own vows. He did a great job at rolling with the punches at our wedding. Somehow the dummy rings with the ring bearer were given to the Best Man and the real rings were left in the area where everyone got ready that morning. He did a great job at not making it obvious and moving onto the next portion of the ceremony. I was impressed with his services and would rec Quotes
Hannah Janda

Quotes Reverend Tom was extremely friendly and helpful throughout the entire process! He made sure the entire ceremony was made perfectly for us. He asked questions about us to get to know us and has a huge list of options for us to go through when we weren't sure what we wanted. Thank you so much Tom! Quotes
Bryan McCann

Quotes Tom did an amazing job with our ceremony! It was exactly what we had discussed with him, and he was very receptive to what we wanted as a couple. He let us decide if we wanted to incorporate religion and/or humor into the ceremony, and based on the package we selected, we were able to help customize the ceremony to our tastes. My favorite part of the ceremony was the rose exchange we chose instead of a unity candle or sand. It was something I hadn?t heard of before and he had a beautiful reading to explain it. He was very professional and easy to work with, and we received many compliments from our guests on how well Tom did. Highly highly recommend!! Quotes
Julia & Tyler 03-29-2019

Quotes The home wedding experience was delightful! Susie chose readings that were meaningful to my bride and me, vows that suited our life together, and timing that was spot-on! Whether you want something simple (as we had) or something elaborate (as I have been witness to), Beyond Illusion is the right Joyce... I mean, CHOICE!!! Quotes
Deb Malin

Quotes Susie has such a beautiful, graceful ,and respectful way of expressing love, joy, commitment. She has a gift of bringing that extra light to your special day. Quotes
Francesca Morales
bride Lincoln NE

Quotes My husband and I had a great experience working with Tom to officiate our wedding just over 3 years ago. They helped us to create a unique ceremony that fit our vision for our wedding. It was short and sweet and we had lots of our guests laughing at the lighthearted elements and in tears from the touching moments. I continue to run into Susie at business networking events and she is always a positive presence and I enjoy staying in touch with her. Quotes
Sheila Meyer Schrader
bride Lincoln NE

Quotes I was the photographer at one of Susie's weddings last summer. As the officiant, Susie did a beautiful job of conducting the ceremony. It was lovely and touching wedding ceremony. I would recommend Susie to anyone needing a wedding officiant. Quotes
Lori McGinnis Black
bride 2015

Quotes I was the photographer at a recent wedding with Tom. He was so kind and the ceremony that he performed was beautiful. I really enjoyed interacting with him and would definitely recommend him! Quotes
Elayne Woods
Photographer, Lincoln NE

Quotes Being a non-religious couple we decided to go to Susie to do our wedding. The first meeting was for her to find out our wishes. We told what we wanted. She also showed us different options that we didn't know we wanted but learned that would be great a addition. Then she worked up our ceremony reviewed it with us again. She even helped me find last minute photographer when ours turned out to be a flake. I would totally recommend her to anyone needing this service. Our wedding went flawless. Thanks to Susie. Quotes
Dorothee & John
Bride & Groom Lincoln NE