Beyond Illusion Wedding Officiants

Looking for a wedding officiant/minister/justice of the peace? Your search is ended!

What do you want your wedding ceremony to be like? 

Do you imagine a deeply spiritual, religious rite? Or do prefer a secular wedding? Did you envision a short, meaningful exchange of vows, or a longer service including symbolic observances like the lighting of a Unity Candle? 

The bottom line is: it's your wedding, and you can design your wedding ceremony in any way that is meaningful to you...and Beyond Illusion Wedding Officiants will guide you through the process.

Revs. Thomas & Susie Joyce have performed wedding ceremonies for over 500 couples in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. Each ceremony is customized to give each couple a unique expression of their love and commitment to each other. 

From your back yard to a country club setting, a church or a sunset at the beach; we offer flexible times, dates, and ceremonies which we craft with you. Short notice or a year in advance, we want you to have the wedding ceremony of your dreams!

Now that you've found us, what happens next?

* Give us a call or email us using the contact form on the "Contact Us" page to set up an appointment for a consultation (A face-to-face meeting is recommended, but we are willing to work with couples over the phone or by email, especially when you are from a long distance away.)

* The initial meeting is for you decide whether you want one of us to serve as your officiant. You are interviewing us.

* We will go through a checklist to help determine what you want in your ceremony. For example do you want an opening prayer? Were you thinking of including a unity candle? What kind of vows did you want? There are many more options and choices than most people realize - remember: this is your wedding!

* Once we have determined what you want in your ceremony, you will be sent a first draft, which will be the general outline, as well as specific options for each element of the service. You then choose which you prefer. We then put it together in final form for your approval.

* Whether you already know in great detail what your wedding will be like, or have absolutely no idea, we will guide you through the process.

* Are you considering having a friend or family member officiate at you wedding? We offer a "Create a Ceremony for Someone Else to Read" service!

Revs. Tom & Susie at Country Pines